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Camper van driving on a mountain highway after thorough rv inspection services

Buyer’s Inspection

You’ve found an RV. Congratulations! But is it really the one you want? Let us inspect it to make sure. 

Premier Inspection

Our in-depth, 180-point inspections take 6-8 hours, as we go from bumper-to-bumper, roof to undercarriage and tires, operating every system, checking for evidence of water intrusion (or places for potential future water intrusion) and leaks, as well as documenting all cosmetic imperfections.

Your report would consist of 80-100 pictures and give you a summarization that you could share with the seller to fix any potential problems and give you bargaining power in your purchase.

Have peace of mind knowing that we take the time to go through the RV as if it were our investment!

We price according to the NRVIA guidelines, so call for your free quote today!

Note: for insurance reasons, we cannot test-drive any inspected RV.

Luxury class a recreation vehicle camping in the desert after passing rv inspection services

Pre-Listing / Seller’s Inspection

Before you list your RV for sale, make sure it’s in good shape!

We’ll thoroughly inspect your RV and let you know everything that’s wrong with it, and you can utilize our report to help seal the deal!


RV Maintenance

When your RV isn’t running properly, we’re happy to maintain it! Our skill set includes Air Conditioner Maintenance, Water Heater Maintenance, Refrigerator Maintenance, and Slide-Out Seal Maintenance. Don’t deal with something that’s constantly acting up. Instead, call Mission RV Services!


Winterizing / De-Winterizing

Before the winter or spring comes, be sure to get your RV properly winterized or de-winterized. Going through these steps is the best way to protect your investment. Therefore, make sure you don’t skip them!


New Purchase Walkthrough

Allow us to make you more familiar with your new RV! During this basic walkthrough service, we don’t provide an inspection report. Our goal instead is to give you a general orientation to your RV.

Interior of a luxury motorhome being inspected by one of our certified rv inspectors

Industry Tools

As we inspect your future RV, you may see us using the following tools:


Aerial Drone Photography

With our aerial drone, we’re able to capture everything about your future RV’s roof. This is much safer than walking the roof.


360-Degree Camera

This camera makes the process easier by enabling us to take a 360-degree photograph. With a single shot, we can capture a huge amount of data.


Volt Ohm Meter

Measures AC and DC voltage, amps, and ohms. Used to check 120 volt and 12 volt electrical systems in all RV’s.



This tool is used to look for propane leaks. Used to check LP gas pressure levels.


Voltage Frequency Tester

This tester enables us to measure the frequency of voltage.


Utility Type Trailer Light Tester

We check the electrical circuit to ensure proper connectivity with our utility type trailer light tester. If this isn’t working properly, you might not have lights.


OBD2 Scanner

Checks your RV for essential data, including the VIN. It can also monitor the ignition system.


GFCI Outlet Tester

This handy tester will make sure you’re aware of any issues with electrical circuitry.


Propane Leak Detection Equipment

Precisely detects where potential leaks are so that we can diagnose and repair the leak.


A/C Compressor and Fan Testing Equipment

Operates the compressor and the fan individually so that we can quickly determine where the AC issues are, which saves our customers time and money in diagnosing.

Personal tablet showing an digital rv inspections report

Find Out Quickly with Create Request List™

HomeGauge’s Create Request List™ is a free online tool that is included with your inspection report. You’ll have the ability to create a list to attach to your repair addendum with just a few clicks. You can also collaborate with your seller and send a copy of your request list to anyone you choose.

Interior view of a camper motorhome with person standing in the entrance looking out at the view after an rv inspections

We Take Care of You

We understand how difficult it can be to select your next RV. Not only will we make this process easier, but we’ll also make it convenient! We offer:

  • Weekend appointments available.
  • Online payment accepted.
  • Get your inspection report within 24-48 hours.
  • We’re always here to help! Call us any time with questions about your report.
  • Contact us for more information about our Customer Referral Program.

We Adhere to NRVIA’s Code of Ethics

We want to make sure each RV inspection goes as smoothly as possibly. Therefore, we fully adhere to NRVIA’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. We also firmly believe in strongly holding to our core Christian values. We are committed to serving others with integrity and honesty, to the best of our ability.

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